A Time to Rest and Regroup

ImageI decided to stay in Trinidad for a while longer.  It’s not that I was enthralled with what Trinidad has to offer, although it’s a very nice town, but I just felt the need to rest and regroup.  I’ve been on the road for such a long time, and my body needed a little rejuvenating along with my heart, my soul, and my mind.

I’ve taken great pride in what I’ve accomplished, but the fatigue from riding the road seems to have gotten the better of me.  I was no longer seeing the beauty around me.  Instead, I found myself cussing each driver that drove a bit too close to me, or counties that do very little on road improvements.

I knew that it was time for an extended rest so that I could get back to seeing all that God has placed around me.  My hotel was already providing me with a spectacular view of the ocean.  I spent several mornings sitting out on my deck watching the waves crash in.

I took joy in the seal families located on a rocky point just down from my hotel deck.  It amazed me how attentive the cows were with their young, and when I say “cows” I’m not referring to moo cows but to the female seals.  The male seals, called bulls, were quite aggressive at times.  I had to laugh at how similar humans are when courting the opposite sex.  The males strut their stuff while the females act somewhat unimpressed by their antics.

Now don’t start writing to me telling me how offensive my words are when I compare human behavior to animal behavior.  I only meant that as superior as we are to any other living group, we still show signs of similarities, even though those similarities are stretched some.  And it was still fun watching those bulls try to be the king of the colony.  It got my mind off of the hectic pace I had laid out for me, and got me back to a good spot in life.

I don’t know how long I’ll be staying here.  I’ve actually thought about looking for some sort of temp job just to add a little to my wallet, but for right now my finances are holding steady so I may just continue to rest and regroup.

And in my real world, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado big fundraiser event is over.  There’s still some work that needs to be done to finalize our numbers, but the stress of preparing for this huge event is now behind us.

We are all striving to regroup and get our lives back to normal.  Some will have more of an opportunity to rest, while others simply have to adjust their lives back to the normal range.  I am one of those adjusting my life back to a point where I can sit and visit with my elderly mother, do some cleaning, and I can get back to writing since writing is such a passion of mine.

And don’t go thinking that every hurdle in life is some sort of punishment from God.  Sure, He may be testing you, trying to teach you some sort of lesson, but sometimes stuff happens and it’s nothing more than that.

So as we go about our daily grind, take some time to rest, to regroup, so you can continue to enjoy all that God has placed before us.  And as always, let’s keep going the distance.

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    kathy said,

    So true about hurdles in life. They aren’t God’s punishments. Sometimes God is trying to mold us or lead us somewhere through the difficulties life throws at us; and sometimes they are just what they are. Good blog!

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    Waylon said,

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