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A Hole in the Wall

Whew!!! I usually start my blog out with the imaginary part of my trip and end with reality. I feel, though, since it has been so long that I’ve written anything that I need to share what I’ve been up to. And unfortunately it hasn’t been riding a lot. Catholic Charities has one signature fundraising event each year so for the past 2 months I have been working hard along side my co-workers to make our annual fundraising event a success. And we accomplished that so life is still good. Unfortunately during the prep time for our annual event my biking slowed way down, but I did manage to stay focused enough to not give up on my goal.

Last I wrote to you I was just leaving Devil’s Tower. I made my way to Moorcroft, Wyoming where I spent a few days just to ride out some bad weather. I then biked on over to Gillette, Wyoming which residents there like to refer to their town as the “Energy Capital of the Nation”. They are vital to the development of large quantities of coal, oil, and coal bed methane gas. I stayed in Gillette for a few days in preparation for the longest leg of my trip without towns in between. Besides, I found a great little quilt shop where I added some more fabric to my stash. And although both towns I just visited aren’t much more than a hole in the wall to most, I enjoyed their hospitality.

Ahead of me was 70 miles of Interstate before I reached Buffalo, Wyoming where the infamous “Hole in the Wall” gang hid out. I knew that there could be some exciting things to see in Buffalo. And right I was. This town is chocked full of western history. I went through the Jim Gatchell Museum that houses over 15,000 old west artifacts. And, of course, I had to take a tour out to the “Hole in the Wall” hideout which delivered in historic richness and beauty.

It’s this richness of history that I’ve seen so far that I find truly amazing. Each day brings me closer to God and makes me appreciate all the things that God has given to us. We are blessed to live in such a diverse country. Once one slows down enough to see the riches before them they, too, will see how blessed we are. I’ve found people living happily in places where, not so very long ago, I would have scoffed at. But because I’ve shed the pressures of this fast paced world we live in, I too can see the beauty that these people see and understand why they continue to live where they do. And I am amazed at the friendliness of people in each town I go through.

Yes, I have met a few curmudgeons, but mostly I’ve met friendly, helpful people and that makes up for the few curmudgeons that I’ve met. So try stepping away from the hustle and bustle of this fast paced world for even just an hour and see what a transformation it can do to you. There’s a whole big world out there waiting for you to enjoy its gifts. And what better time can there be than spring to make a change in ones life. Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings.

Let’s all get outside and enjoy the gifts God has given us. And as always, let’s keep going the distance. Peace to all of you.


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