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A Few Good Memories

As I rode into Sheridan, Wyoming my mind went back to when I was 6 years old. My family and I had traveled from Omaha, Nebraska to Sheridan, Wyoming for our summer vacation. It was on this trip that we first stayed at Chadron State Park in Nebraska. We had relatives who lived in Sheridan at the time. Maybe I still have relatives there, but since neither me nor my siblings can remember their names there was no way for me to look them up, not that these relatives would remember me after all these years.

I think the father of these relatives was either an uncle to my father or cousin. This guy owned a cabin clear up in the Big Horn Mountains. After staying at their house overnight, Mom and Dad packed my sister, brother, and myself back into the car and we headed up, up, up to this cabin. I think the cabin elevation was around 9,000 to 10,000 feet, but mostly I just remember climbing rapidly on this highway.

Once we got to the cabin we kids scampered about only to be called back by our overprotective mother who just knew we were going to fall into the river that ran behind the cabin. It was a gorgeous place, very tranquil and serene, but our stay would be short-lived.

As we entered the cabin Mom realized that the only bedroom was a loft bedroom open to the main floor. Again, my mother just knew that we kids would roll right off that loft floor during the night. She has always assumed the worst possible scenario with any situation. Mom started fretting about how she didn’t want to be there while we kids voiced our desires to stay, but Mom insisted that this was not the place for us.

I do believe we kids would have won out had Dad not been feeling poorly for he would have convinced Mom that everything was fine. But to our dismay, Dad was probably having his first high blood pressure episode. He was dizzy and felt hot even though it was quite chilly at that altitude. We had gone up in altitude so quickly that even the souvenir drum my brother, Dan, had gotten at Mount Rushmore was ready to explode. I can only imagine now what my dad’s head must have felt like.

Well, Mom seeing that Dad was not doing so very well added to her fear of the river and bedroom loft, we were soon put back into the car and back down to Sheridan we went. And although we kids were disappointed, we still had a few good memories of that area.

And now, as I ride my bike to the hotel I look around this old town that has been extremely well preserved. I just knew there would be many sites to visit like the Sheridan Inn, the historic main street, and a few museums.

My travels have offered me a slice of life that has taken me from the luxury of Aspen through a town of one to this grand city in Wyoming. Touring the sites of Sheridan gave me a feel for the old west when Buffalo Bill spent time at the Sheridan Inn. Those pioneers were a rugged bunch who endured a lot to find peace and happiness in their life.

And it’s that thought that helped me endure the pain of saying good-bye to my sister who moved back to Nebraska with her husband after 20+ years of living in Colorado. God’s path for them did not include jobs in Colorado anymore so they packed up their 5th wheel, their home, and moved it to where God had jobs for them. And although I knew it was the best thing for them, my heart ached knowing that my best friend was no longer up the road from me. And on the same day that she left I discovered that my Irish setter had terminal bone cancer. April 9th was not a good day for me.

But, like those pioneers of days gone by, I knew that I needed to persevere. I was not raised to wallow in sorrow. I know my sister is a mere cell phone call away and we still talk daily. It’s almost as if she’s still right up the hill from me. And as for my dog, well I’m enjoying every day I have with him. God has given me 12 years with this fine canine so I feel blessed that I still have him. And as life goes on I know that my trials and tribulations don’t compare much at all to some of the trials and tribulations others live with on a daily basis. So I thank God daily for the wonderful blessings He has bestowed upon me.

I have a wonderful job, a wonderful home, a great family, and you, my fellow Biking and blogging fans who keep me motivated to keep going the distance.

May God bless you!


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