A Little Pampering

ImageShortly after riding into Bonneville Oregon a police cruiser pulled me over.  My initial thought was “WHAT!?  Is it illegal to ride a bike in this town?”  Well the friendly policeman got out of his car and asked if I was the woman riding her bike across the country.  I told him I was indeed that woman.  “Great,” he said, “Then you must follow me as we’ve been waiting for you.”  Of course my suspicious nature kicked in and I asked to see his ID.  “You know Officer Kennett” glancing at his badge name “one can’t be too careful.  I mean you could have been some nutcase in disguise.”  Officer Kennett laughed and said “You are so right to have asked to see my ID.  I commend you on your safety knowledge and now that we have that behind us, just follow me.  We’re going to head across the river and up the street just a few blocks to the Bonneville Spa.” 

At this point I was excited about getting a little pampering at this spa before I found a place to stay for the night.  After a grueling hot day on the bike I could use a little pampering.  As we approached the Bonneville Spa I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  The place was nestled in pine trees and although the outside was nothing spectacular looking the surrounding area made up for it.  The sounds of the birds and the smell of the pine trees were intoxicating.  

As I approached the front entrance a man came out looking all official.  I figured this must be the hotel manager and right I was.  With arms outstretched the hotel manager said “Welcome to the Bonneville Spa.  We would like for you to enjoy all of our facility here.  You are our guest through Sunday.”  Now I knew I had died and gone to heaven.  

My gear was taken by the valets and I was escorted inside.  The inside was magnificent with its high ceilings, rustic fireplace, and the staff seemed very attentive to my needs.  The concierge took me to my room that had its own hot tub and a balcony that looked out onto the courtyard.  I’m not big into massages, but let me tell you after months of being on a bike, working in fields, bussing tables, and cleaning hotel rooms, being pampered with a massage was just what this old body needed.  Then I experienced one of the finest meals I’ve ever had, pan seared prawns with a wonderful Caesar salad.  Life was good. 

My night’s sleep was divine with the bed feeling almost like you were sleeping on a cloud.  I can’t remember sleeping that soundly in ever so long.  The next morning I was greeted with a fabulous breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage, and fresh fruit.  I was then asked if I wanted to get a facial, go for a hike, take a trip to one of the local wineries, or enjoy other activities the spa was offering.  I thought about it and decided it would be fun to just sit in the comfy chairs in the lobby and read a good book. 

As I sat there I found myself doing more people watching than I was reading.  And what amazed me was the number of people who came in looking like a million bucks and treating the help like they were yesterday’s garbage.  One such couple came close to getting scolded by me, but I noticed the staff employee handled the situation with dignity and finesse something the couple knew nothing about. 

Later that afternoon the manager approached me with suggestions of what they could do to make my stay there even more memorable.  I knew this would be my chance to maybe give something back so I asked if staff was allowed to use the spa’s amenities when not working.  The manager said they can, but most are unable to afford the fees that are charged.  I said “then staff does not get any discounts.”  The manager confirmed that stating it was corporate policy. 

“Well then, would it be against corporate policy if this person here,” pointing to myself, “asks that the way her stay here could be made more memorable is to allow all staff who are interested the pleasure of using whatever amenities they chose free of charge?”  The manager stood there for a moment trying to comprehend my request and finally said “Don’t you like it here?”  “I like it just fine, but after sitting here watching how hard your staff works and how some of the guests treat them I thought it would be nice for them to enjoy a wonderful massage, a facial, a dip in the pool or whatever else they choose to do.  I received such wonderful pampering yesterday and it improved my whole outlook on life so much so that I just feel that your staff deserves a little pampering too.  You may find that they work even harder than they do by allowing them such a privilege.”  The manager smiled and thanked me for my thoughtfulness.  I told him that it has been my experience that you get back what you give to a person and by giving his staff some pampering they would probably be more apt to pamper the guests more than they already do.  The manager agreed to my request and the next few days each staff member was able to enjoy some amenity the hotel/spa offered.  All were so grateful to me and on the day that I left to head back out on the road I was given a wonderful basket of fruits, nuts, and other quick energy snack foods.  My pampered long weekend had come to an end and on such a high note.  I figured I could coast into Troutdale, my next destination, on my refreshed attitude alone.  And the staff at the Bonneville Spa showed that their attitudes were also refreshed.  We all need a little pampering every now and then. 

And in my real world, my mind goes immediately to the clients that Catholic Charities serves each and every day.  It is our goal to always treat each and every one of God’s people with the respect and dignity they deserve.  It may not seem like we pamper our clients much, but I believe by just being there for them, listening to their stories, providing them with some necessary things that help them move on to a better life could seem like pampering to them.  

I have too often seen people of higher means or in a higher position rudely treat someone of a lesser stature.  Sometimes I think people get caught up in their own lives and react without thinking.  Others are just pugnacious by nature and just have a nasty outlook on life.  Whatever the reason, treating people like second rate citizens is just wrong.  We are all God’s children and we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  And we all deserve a little pampering now and then.  So next time you want to tell someone what they did wrong try telling them what they did right first, give them a little “pampering” and see how much more they’ll do for you.  You might just be surprised at how much more you actually get out of this person.  And just because a person seems down on their luck doesn’t mean they don’t need a little pampering too.  I always think of the bible verse Matthew 25:35 – For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.  We just never know when that stranger might just be Jesus in disguise.  So try pampering someone today and watch them bloom.  And as always, let’s keep going the distance.  God bless you all.


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    Thank you so much for your kind words. This has truly been a journey for me with it starting out as simply a form of making riding a recumbent bike in my basement less boring, but as I research each town I go to in my virtual bike world I learn so much about places I’ve never been but now want to go see. And it’s opened my eyes to areas in my own life that need a little improving and is a constant reminder to always treat people with the same respect that I want to receive.

  2. 2

    Thank you for your interest and excitement with my blog. I hope that in some way I manage to inspire a few people whether it be to get off the couch and do some exercise or simply to just treat people fairly. Thanks for your support and let’s keep going the distance.

  3. 3

    I’m thrilled that something I wrote spoke to you. I hope to be posting more often as I seem to finally be back on track with my bike riding so I hope you come back to my site for upcoming stories of my virtual travels through the United States.

  4. 4

    I’m not sure what information I gave to you in this most recent blog, but I’m glad that something in it was useful to you. As I continue my virtual journey through different states, feel free to ride along on this journey.

  5. 5

    I’m so happy that my story has touched on you in some way. I try to make them entertaining as it gives me motivation to continue riding my recumbent bike in my basement while my mind wanders off to the different places in the United States that I’ve been writing about. My journey so far has opened my eyes to things I was not aware of in myself prior to starting this virtual journey so it’s been amazing to me too as to what comes out of my mind and onto this site. I invite you to continue to follow me on my virtual journey across the United States.

  6. 6

    I’m thrilled that you found my site and enjoyed it. I’ve been at this for over 2 years now which is about 18 months longer than I’ve ever stayed with any exercise program. Mapping out destinations on my virtual trip has kept me motivated to keep going the distance. I invite you to go the distance with me.

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      Michelle said,

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    i always like your posts because you have such a good way of expressing yourself, and this is a virtue in these days. lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails

    • 9

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I have fun writing about these places I would be at if I were on an actual bike ride and the best thing is writing these stories helps keep me motivated to continue riding my recumbent bike which can be very boring if you are only peddling away and going nowhere. I truly believe God is working through me delivering messages about how to best treat people. It’s been eye opening for me with where some of my stories end up. In my virtual world I am 65 miles from the west coast. I’m looking forward to seeing the Pacific Ocean even if it’s only in my mind.

  8. 10

    Kathy said,

    Wow! You really are God inspired with your writing. This is good stuff! You are my new hero. Keep up the excellent work. You are an inspiration to me.

    • 11

      Thanks. It’s fun researching these different towns and it makes riding a stationary bike less boring imagining that I’m actually in these places. And I’ve discovered things about myself that I never knew before like when I was having myself a pity party having to care for my mother, taking care of her home, doing weekend errands, etc when I realized how many of Catholic Charities clients would love to have a home to care for. It made me think that God had given me many gifts and I best start appreciating them. We all have some sort of distance to go in our lives, it’s a matter of finding that place then deciding how you are going to get there. It could be a desire to learn how to dance, it could be traveling to some world wonder, or it could be as simple as doing your own blog. God continues to tap, tap, tap us on the head until we finally listen to Him. And as always, let’s all keep going the distance.

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