A Purpose in Life

Our-prime-purpose-in-this-life-is-to-help-othersIt’s been an exciting 24 miles of salt filled air, but one can’t see the ocean from this stretch of the highway. In fact, one can’t see much at all because you’re busy watching all the traffic around you. It’s a beautiful section of highway, flanked by trees on both sides, but because it’s only a two-lane, one must be attentive to all those vehicles.

I find myself thinking “Where are they going?” I soon find that many are heading to Bullards Beach State Park near Bandon, Oregon; the same place I’m staying at. It sits inland enough to be protected from the strong ocean breezes, but it’s near the Coquille River, so many of those entering the park have boats.

I will be doing some crabbing, and I don’t mean complaining. Having never crabbed before, I was a bit hesitant to try, but I was told that it’s quite easy. They have a special dock where one can chat with others making it easy to pick up pointers from the pros.

I rented a yurt, a domed tent structured by a wood frame with a wood floor. It wasn’t exactly what I had expected. The yurts were quite close together, but it was clean and there was a bed so I was a happy camper.

I did a lot of hiking while staying at this park. I went to the historic Coquille River Lighthouse then ventured down the 4 ½ miles of open beach. The sand felt good squishing up between my toes. Having lived inland my entire life, I realize why so many people are drawn to our coastal states. The ocean is mesmerizing, and there are so many different things one can find along the beach. I was like a little kid seeing something for the first time.

My crabbing ended up being a bust, but I was fine with that. I had more fun watching the pros haul in those delectable crustaceans. It made me realize how diverse we all are especially when one ventures out of their comfort zone.

It also made me realize how important each individual is on this fine earth. There isn’t a one of us without a purpose. I know we all have days when we feel bogged down by the humdrum of our lives, but each task we do each day is of value to someone.

So I spent the rest of that day touring this area, and taking note of all the different tasks that were being performed by all the people I came in contact with. It was truly breath-taking, to see just how widespread God made all of us, yet we are all so very much alike; mind boggling to say the least. God is truly the master of all things.

And in my real world, I am coming off our busiest time of the year. It’s during this time that our number of donations and number of clients seen doubles, maybe even triples. And each person who works for Catholic Charities, each person who volunteers, each person needing assistance, each person who donates, plays a critical part in the success of Catholic Charities. There isn’t one job or one person that is more important than the other.

I remember, while living in Aspen, watching this mobile parts distributor pull up to a mechanics shop. I could only assume he was there to present to the mechanic the different products he had that could make the mechanic’s job easier. As I passed the truck, I heard a couple of young guys comment what a “loser job” that parts distributor had. I was appalled. I thought, “Just where do you think that mechanic gets the tools he needs to fix your cars?” And I must confess that when I was much younger, I would occasionally think that certain jobs were below me.

I’m so grateful that I’ve come to a point in my life where I know each of us has a purpose in life. Sometimes that purpose can be highly rewarding, and other times one is totally unaware of what their purpose in life has done for someone. I think those times are the most special to God because we are doing things just because, and not for any kind of recognition.

I see this time and time again here at Catholic Charities. We have so many great volunteers who come each week because they believe in what we do. And I hope they know that Catholic Charities couldn’t do what we do without them. Kudos to all of you who volunteer not only here, but all around the world. God is smiling down on you for your efforts.

And don’t forget to recognize your own purpose in life. It took me a while to realize that one of my purposes in life is to write. I ignored this for years, but have now embraced my writing skills. I have completed my first book, and am now working on the second in a series of books about this epic virtual bike trip I’m on. And as I wait for these books to be published, I’ll continue doing what I do for I know that each task I perform each day is a small piece in God’s perfect plan.

So in this fast pace of life we live in, take some time to appreciate the diversity of tasks being performed around you each day by a diverse group of people. Look for the value in each person to include yourself, and thank God for He is the master of all things. God bless and as always, let’s keep going the distance.


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    Becky Rahder McCoy said,

    Good message, as always. Keep up the good work, Bets! Take care.

    • 2

      Thanks. I’m happy that you are enjoying the stories I share. Hopefully I’ll have time today to post a new one. I’m working on my second book, and am still waiting to see what my next move needs to be regarding getting the first book published. My former boss, who is a published author and my mentor, has been unavailable because of personal commitments, but as soon as he’s dealt with those commitments he said he’d be directing me on what we need to so next to get the firsst book published. I will obviously let you know when this all happens. Take care. I’m so happy that your knee surgery went well.

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