Family Ties

family tiesMy adrenaline heightened as I approached Novato, California. It had been years since I had been here, but I have such fond memories from that last visit.

It was twelve years ago when my sister and her husband and I drove here from Colorado Springs. Both my parents were still alive along with my uncle who lived in San Rafael, California. My heart grows heavy as I miss both my dad and my uncle. Dad passed away in 2004, but the pain of losing my uncle is still fresh. He moved on to be with God in March of this year, but both left their mark on this earth.

My father was a story-teller and family man. His love of people was his strongest attribute. And he was loved by all, in return. Dad instilled in each of his kids to be leaders, to reach for the sky, and to take those chances. Mom softened us, keeping us centered, but there have been times where I felt held back by my mom’s inhibitions. She’s often told me how stupid she thinks this ride, that I’m on, is. Luckily, I’ve chosen to focus more on my dad’s teachings, choosing to ignore Mom’s the-glass-is-half-empty outlook on life.

If Dad were alive today, he’d be cheering me on. In fact, he would have figured out a way to tag along. He so loved traveling, something Mom hates. It’s amazing they got along like they did. Those two had a love that was never-ending. Their marriage wasn’t without disagreements, but their love carried them through. It provided my siblings and me the best foundation in life.

And then there was my uncle. He was a world traveler, seeing almost every country that was safe to travel to. As a child, I found it difficult to connect with him. I found him to be a wee bit too persnickety, but as I matured, I grew to appreciate him. He taught me, indirectly, how to buy quality and take care of it so it would last a lifetime. He also showed me how to entertain. This man could cook, and he knew how to make food look good.

That year my sister, brother-in-law, and I came out here, my uncle showed us what northern California has to offer. We went to Muir Woods, took a trip up towards Bodega Bay and saw a cool lighthouse. There was wine country, Monterey Bay, and Carmel. We took the ferry across the bay and toured San Francisco, taking a cable car ride and eating lunch on Fisherman’s Warf. So many memories my uncle gave us that year.
And now both my dad and my uncle have left us to be with our Maker. They are missed by many, but we all know they are happy to be with our Lord. They will continue to influence me on my trip across the country.

As I pull into the RV park we stayed at twelve years ago, I say a quick prayer of thanks for having such a great dad and uncle. They taught me the importance of family ties. I would not be who I am today, had it not been for both of them.

My stay here will be short, though. When I started this journey, my uncle was still alive, and I had hoped to spend some quality time with him. Now I’ll simply rest up so I can start heading east into Nevada. Next big stop, Sacramento, California.

And in my real world, my father and uncle were important entities in my life. I would not be here blogging had they not inspired me to be the very best I can be. The things I wrote above are all true, although some of the timing is altered.

And although I’m only on this ride in the virtual sense, my mother still finds it silly along with me being a blogger and author of a series of books about this virtual ride I’m on. I don’t think ill of her, though, she was raised to always take the sure thing and not think you could be something more than a simple person. Like I said above, I think her attitude and my father’s shoot-for-the-stars attitude complimented each other. It’s what rounded out each of their four kids.

None of my siblings is exactly like the other. We all have different dreams and aspirations, but we are all passionate about life. Family is most important to all four of us. We have rallied around our aging mother; ensuring she has the best of care to extend her life, hopefully well into her 90s. We have helped each other out in hard times. We defend and protect as needed.

Our family ties have created a bond that is unbreakable. And we, in turn, are passing on these great qualities to our children who are passing them along to their children. It truly is the circle of life. I’m forever blessed to be a part of this great family. It’s what keeps me moving forward not only on my virtual trip, but with my pursuit of getting my books published.

It’s also what keeps me focused on the works Catholic Charities of Central Colorado does. Our goal is to help each family keep their family ties together. I know Catholic Charities isn’t able to help each and every client build a life like I have, but we do as much for each family as our funding allows. And as long as we continue to have great donors and a faith that’s unwavering, we’ll all be able to continue to go the distance. God bless.


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    BECKY MCCOY said,


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      Yes, Dad truly was one of a kind, but so is your dad. Both men were such good role models. My love of travel and I think my gift of story telling comes from my dad. My cooking abilities come from Mom. And my ornery streak, well, I think that’s just me.

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      Sobirin said,

      Wonderful blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiringwriters? I’m pnnlaing to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or gofor a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any tips? Thank you!

      • 4

        Thanks. All I can say about writing is you have to write every day, read a lot of other books, and believe in yourself as a writer. Good luck to you. As for paid platform options, I have done very little research into those. I didn’t even set my wordpress page up. My former boss did that, so I really can’t direct you in that.

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