Who’s Driving the Bus?

busAs my new biking partners and I leave the rv park, my mind is full of thoughts of family. I knew these six new friends would never take the place of my family, but I felt close to them anyway. They had welcomed me into their lives. It was my turn to return the favor, and welcome them into mine.

We’d spent last night sharing tales of growing up, childhood goals and how many of those goals we actually achieved as adults, and where we saw our lives going. I guess that’s why I’m thinking so much of my family now.

I no longer had the chore, or maybe I should say privilege of caring for my parents. Both were now with their Maker, but their love still inspires me. And my siblings were busy with their own lives, yet I could feel their presence as I pushed my way up the highway. They are near me through the places I’ve been and things I’ve seen on this journey. My sister and her husband would love many of the places I’ve been, but their lives were pulled in a different direction unlike my new riding partners.

They all decided to steer their lives in alignment with mine. It does make me wonder who’s driving their bus in life. I used to drive my life’s bus, but found too many times that I had no idea where I was going. One day, I decided to stop driving and allowed God to drive. I’ve been a lot happier since then. Sometimes I find myself wondering where God is taking me, but I know, without a doubt, that it will be some place fabulous and fun.

My crew and I ride into Carson City, Nevada, and find the Comstock Country RV Resort. Carol and Mac have graciously invited me to stay in their rig with them. Mac’s comment was, “Why would anyone choose to sleep on the ground when there’s a nice comfortable bed in our rig?” I knew then, God had steered them into my life. How blessed I felt.

Bart drove us all to a grocery store where we bought that night’s supper. I tried to pay for my share of the groceries, but none of them would hear of it. My, how God’s plan certainly works out in our lives when we let go and let God.

On the way back, I spy a railroad museum. Faith, Peter’s wife, notices me looking and suggests we go there before heading to the casinos. All were in favor, so after unloading groceries, we truck off to the Nevada State Railroad Museum.

Inside, I relive my grandfather’s life rich in railroad history. Dada, the name bestowed on my grandfather by his first grandchild, always spoke highly of the railroad. He worked hard all of his life to provide a decent life for his family. His job afforded him and my grandmother the opportunity to take in other family members who had lost their way in life. Too bad those people hadn’t let God drive that bus, but then maybe God had driven it straight to my grandparent’s front door. They were truly giving people, and they passed this along to their children. How blessed I am to come from such fine people.

On the way back to the truck, Martha sees a fabric store. She and I had fun looking through all the materials. I was able to buy another fat quarter to represent my time spent in Nevada. Oh what fun it will be to make this memory quilt when this trip is over.

Back at the campground, we women get supper started while the men decide which casinos to go to. I’m thinking about bowing out and staying back to do some reading, but Carol will hear none of my reasons for not going with them.

She says, “Betsy, no one says you have to gamble. I don’t, but I like to go and people watch. Please come and people watch with me.”

I can almost feel God’s gentle hand coaxing me to go. How can I say no? I don’t, and I end up having a blast. I decide to try my hand at one of the slot machines that cost a whole quarter. Lo and behold, I won $50.00. My trip to the casino was well worth my time. Thank you God, for prodding me to go.

That night, as I lay on the comfortable sofa sleeper, I thank God for all my wonderful blessings and I tell Him I still want Him driving my bus, or should I say bike.

And in my real world, I’m busy with the rest of the Catholic Charities of Central Colorado staff preparing for our big St. Patrick’s Day Gala. God definitely drives the bus each year for this event. He gives each of us the energy, help, and thought process to make this event a huge success. Many of our clients will be able to receive help from us, because of this one event.
I’m also busy trying to get my books published. It’s looking like maybe I’ll need to go self-published, but once again, God is directing me on what to do and when. I worry very little about those days when I don’t accomplish everything I thought I needed to tend to. I know that God is right there guiding me. How can one worry when the King of kings is in charge? And why would anyone want to still be driving their life’s bus when God does it so much better?

And as we all learn to let go and let God, let’s all keep going the distance. God bless.


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