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Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun

familyWe have a long trip ahead of us to get to Tuba City, Arizona. I find myself thinking about how blessed I am to have come across my riding partners. They are all so generous of the various talents they have.

Bart and Martha supply all the comforts of home with their upscale fifth-wheel RV. And each night, before he retires to bed, Bart makes sure I have enough blankets, he puts the remote on the end table nearest me, and asks if I need anything else. I always respond by saying, “You are so kind, and yes, I have everything I need.” Yet every night, Bart will head to the refrigerator and grab a cold bottle of water for me. He hands it to me with a smile, saying, “You might need this tonight.”

Martha always makes sure I get my bathroom time uninterrupted. What a gentle soul she is. So kind, so giving, so much like I remember my paternal grandmother. She even has Nana’s Irish smiling eyes.

Bart and Martha are definitely the parent-figures in this group. And even though I’m sure I’m older than Martha, not by much, she seems to be my “mother” figure.

Carol and Mac are my free-spirits. They keep me young and eager to try new things. I quickly think back to my skydiving excursion. WOW! I still can’t believe I did it. They are just fun, fun people to be around. They love to tease, something I’m accustomed to doing myself. And they don’t mind being teased. I’ve developed a close bond with them. They are my “cohorts in crime”, my friends, my bosom buddies.

And then there’s Pete and Faith. How can I not like Pete and Faith? Faith is the dog whisperer. She has a stronger passion for animals than I could ever hope to have. And Pete has a passion for Faith that goes beyond respect, beyond love, beyond commitment. It’s almost as if Pete can read Faith’s every thought. Maybe he can.

By late afternoon, Bart manages to earn the trust of a farmer who allows us to park the fifth wheel near the barn. That night, as we get ready for dinner, I’m asked to say the blessing.
“Dear Lord,” I start, “Thank You for this good food, thank You for good friends, and thank You for the fun we are having. Amen.”

I see Martha wipe an errant tear from her cheek. She grabs my hand, giving it a squeeze and says, “We are blessed to have you with us.”
We all chime in, “Amen.”

And in my real world, I’ve recovered almost from the loss of my dog, but I’m now facing a new family crisis. A dear aunt of mine has been told she has cancer. We don’t know how long she’ll be with us since her form of cancer is an aggressive one, but we will always have the memories of the good food we’d have at her house, the good friends we met through her, and all the fun we’d have when all the relatives converged on Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom’s house. Fond, fond memories. I’m blessed to have such a great family.

So take a moment to think about those people who you associate with good food, good friends, and good fun. If you haven’t talked to one of them in a while, pick up the phone and say “hi.” You don’t want to wait until you get that call that this person has passed away. And as always, let’s keep going the distance.


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